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The first harvest in 1987 confirmed the rare potential of the terroir of Château de Mercuès whose wines are enjoyed in the best restaurants throughout the world.
Today Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux, winemaker and oenologist, manages the estates with the same passion as his father.

Often quoted among the top French vine-growers, he has drafted the winemaking in continuity with the age-old tradition at Château de Mercuès and in the same time introducing innovative methods.

His passion about the Malbec grape led Bertrand-Gabriel to the Mendoza region in Argentina, the other land of Malbec, to learn more about the grape.

His approach interested Paul Hobbs, famous oenologist and Malbec wine-producer in Argentina, who accepted to work as a consultant for Georges Vigouroux estates in France. The exceptional 2009 vintage and the new Icône cuvées are the first splendid results of this brilliant cooperation between two Malbec experts.