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Georges Vigouroux has been for over 30 years a pioneer of the Malbec and the new generation
of the Cahors Appellation.

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In the late seventies, while the Cahors vineyard spred out over less than 400 hectares, he bought Château de Haute-Serre which was totally abandoned since 1880.Then he planted out 60 hectares of Malbec in a whole piece, getting the highest hillside vineyard and the first revival in the Appellation Cahors.

The Press told in detail this revival and "crazy challenge" and therefore the Appellation Cahors gained national fame and today ranks in the top 10 Appellations in France. (source Onivins)

After this first success, Georges Vigouroux bought Château de Mercuès in the eighties and he restructured a second 32 hectares vineyard planted with Malbec on the small gravelly hills that surround the castle, with a great clavey and siliceous soil. Once again a visionary, Georges Vigouroux invested his energy and passion in building a bridge between wine and the historical site of Mercuès : one of the first modern wineries designed in France was built under the castle terrace

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