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The cultivation
& vinification

With a plantation densityreaching 6 666 vines per hectare , Château de Mercuès is the only vineyard within the Cahors Appellation to rival the greatest Bordeaux wines.

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Whereas most plantations within the Cahors Appellation have an average density of 4 000 vines per hectare, the plantation density at Château de Mercuès reach 6 666 vines per hectare for 50% of the vineyard, just like the great Medoc wines.

This high density is particularly favourable for the Malbec grape grown in Cahors for more than 2000 years. It reduces indeed the yield per stock and increases the quality of the wine whiche shows a very great concentration and ageing potential.

he vinification combines the best modern methods and an age-old tradition : first rate stainless steel vats, monitored and optimised temperatures and a slow vinification for the best tannins extraction.

Then a twelve months ageing is either done in meticulously chosen brand new oak barrels or in second-hand ones. The wines are estate-bottled and aged on the premises. The ageing might take a few years, depending on the vintage.