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Mister Murat's green asparagus
Black truffle coulis from Lalbenque, gam massala and foie gras sauce
Grilled and poched Foie Gras,
garlic and rhubarb stew, pickles,
Infused elder flower consommé
Pan fried Cyril’s snails,
with pink pepper butter, braised cardoons and bone marrow
Horse radish and herbs broth

Trout from Balgourd
with steam herbs, crawfish and mushrooms with hazelnut flavour,
Confited beetroot, hibiscus and nettles sauce
Rosted Pike Perch roasted then cooked in cocotte,
beetroot panache and vegetable roots,
A touch of smoked oignon, Malbec reduction
John Dory, confit in butter,
roasted spring cabbage with Macadamia nuts,
Ginger carrots nectar, green cardamom jus